Our office is located in 1025/1A CMT8, Ho Chi Minh City which is flexible for team members to go to work everyday. From there you can easily find many coffee shops, restaurants, super market, and training places.

Every staff is equipped with high specs PC or iMac, and latest working equipments for optimal working result.

We are also provide free snack, smoothies and coffee, free weekly sport & team building activities.


We focus on human resource and teamwork, all staff are equipped with best gears for maximum productivity.

We train our members to be professional entrepreneurs who is good at both technical, mental and soft skills. Here are our objectives:

  • Daily meeting for agile mobile development method.
  • Every member must have weekly presentation on desired subject.
  • Monthly book shopping, all staff are encouraged to read as many books as possible.
  • Flexible working time to encourage members to do exercises and playing sport every day.